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Picking the best in the world of design

Curating content from a half of a thousand news feeds, from dozens of email newsletters, from hundreds of designer profiles over the place like Behance, Dribbble, Medium, Facebook, Webflow, and from a large cozy stock of the Notion library.

Every issue includes

Only selected articles

3-4 articles with short comments or summaries. Industry news and recent practical technologies.

New fonts

From 1 to 4 new fonts that you probably have missed. Both free and commercial.


15-30 projects from dozens of categories: branded styles and logos, typography, calligraphy and lettering, posters, infographics, packaging, websites, interfaces, motion, illustrations.

Book citations

Selected key citations from one of the new books on design, branding, typography, arts.

Guides & tutorials

2-4 links to learning materials. Courses, lessons, lectures, practical articles and tutorials.

Tools & free files

6-15 links to new tools, plugins, free materials for your work and websites examples.

Browser and email.
Desktop and mobile

Issues are sent by email and also available on website. After purchase, you will get the access to full pack of issues in the archive. For your convenience, our website is responsive, meaning the archive is available for all devices.

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that was out in July, 2022

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I don't receive any issues in my email inbox

Please, check your spam folder or the inbox with your promos. If you don't see them there, contact us via

Is my personal data securely stored?

Absolutely. We don't receive any of your payment credentials, it receives the payment system only. All data is encrypted and complies with Ghost security standards.

How to cancel my subscription?

To unsubscribe please contact us via saying you'd like to unsubscibe. We'll cancel your subscription on the same day. No questions asked.

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