Good day!👋 This project is dedicated to delving deeply into design and connecting a global community of creative professionals.

Proudly run on Ghost platform ❤️

Curating content from a half of a thousand news feeds, from dozens of email newsletters, from hundreds of designer profiles over the place like Behance, Dribbble, Medium, Facebook, Webflow, and from a large cozy stock of the Notion library.

Bezier doesn't produce any physical, but digital products. However, it's trying to find ways to communicate own social responsibility.

Even being a tiny project, Bezier is feeling responsible to provide positive impact by helping our palnet. That's why the project is [.c-highlighted]donating[.c-circle-yellow][.c-circle-yellow][.c-highlighted] own share of $1 from each acquired subscriber to teamtrees

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that was out in July, 2022

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